Do You Worry That Your Child(ren) Will Grow Up With Anxiety Just Like You?

Overthinking Mums Who Fear That They Have Doomed Their Child(ren) To A Life Of Anxiety, Exhaustion, and Failed Relationships, Just Like Them, Can Learn How To Quieten Their Minds, Take Back Control, And Refresh Their Relationships. 

Without Having To Engage In Long-Term Therapy or Counselling, You Can Say Good-Bye To 'Shouty-Mum' And Hello To 'Fun-Mum'!

  • If you are a someone who is constantly thinking 'what if...?' and is always considering the worst case scenarios...

  • If you are a Mum who is a bit of a 'control freak' and likes to be organised and to plan for all eventualities...

  • If you are a Mum who is constantly worrying that she is not good enough or has let herself or family down...

  • If you are a Mum who hates asking anyone for help because you know that most people won't get it right anyway, and you will end up doing it yourself...

  • If you are a Mum who is always busy, unable to relax, and feels exhausted most of the time...

  • If you are a Mum who has incessant chatter in her head that seems to get worse when she lays down in bed to sleep...

    If you are a Mum that related to 3 or more of the statements above then this is the course for you.

Are You Ready To Wipe Out Worry?

This has really changed my life; my outlook, the way I process things and the way I think about myself. I am so much happier now. I have gone from rock bottom to loving myself again. Thank-you!

Rachael, 41

Mum to Max 7, Ellie 5, and Lucas 1.

I found the techniques very vauable and I discovered some very useful insights about myself. Thank-you so much Tina for your help. You have made such a difference to my everyday life and how I parent my children.

Lorna, 31

Mum to Jade 5, and Jordan 2.

I always felt very comfortable and as if the treatment had been designed specifically for me. Thank-you Tina! I feel much happier now and confident in how to deal with both my and anxiety and Kian's.

Fern, 39

Mum to Kian 14.

Are You Ready To Wipe Out Worry?


Who am I?


Twenty years ago I realised that anxiety was causing difficulties in my life. I also realised that it was me that had to do something about it. I was terrified that I was ruining my son's life because of the fear and worry I experienced. So I went on a mission to discover what I could do to stop it ruining the rest of my life, and my son's life. This journey lead me to many modalities, treatments and techniques. The ones that worked for me, I trained in. Therefore, I am qualified and accredited in several different therapeutic approaches.


Over the last thirteen years, or so, I have worked for the charity Mind, the NHS, for private companies, and in my own private practice, supporting people to overcome their battles with anxiety, low mood, trauma, worry and chronic pain.


All the courses, programs and therapy I offer are based purely on scientifically researched techniques and therapies. 


Wipe Out Worry allows you to 

Quieten Your Mind, Take Back Control, and Refresh Your Relationships. 

What is Wipe Out Worry?


Wipe Out Worry is the culmination of years of trial and error on my part. Many hours, pounds, and tears, have been spent finding a formula that works. One that is easy is intergrate into a busy mum's life. One that helps to explain the how and the why of anxiety and worry. And also what to do and when to do it, to most easily and quickly move on from it.


Each of the modules include a selection of video, audio, PDF worksheets, information sheets, questionnaires and weblinks. This enables blended learning, which has been found to be the most effective way to master any new material. Having it available in many different forms when we are anxious also helps because our brain is usually geared toward emotional, rather than practical or rational information at these times, so it gives it several oportunities to ingest the information.


Wipe Out Worry works EVEN IF you believe you already have too much to do, EVEN IF you have tried asking for help before and it hasn’t worked out, EVEN IF you have always worried.



Are You Ready To Wipe Out Worry?


S = Situation

In this first module learn how evolution, history, culture, biology, psychology, and neurology all help explain why we feel nervous, anxious and worried at times. You will learn some valuable, scientifically proven, tools in this module so that you can start to take back control from anxiety immediately.


T - Thoughts


In this module you will learn how worry works, and the difference between worry and anxiety. We will look at when, and how, to rebalance your thoughts. This will lay the foundations to be able to quieten your mind.


A = Actions


In module three you will learn the secret key to being able to quieten your mind. The skills you learn in this module are going to set you up for a calmer future. And if you teach your children too, then they will benefit for years to come.


M = Moods


In this fouth module on moods you will learn about how our other emotions interact with anxiety and how our beliefs about emotions can keep us worrying. You will also learn why we want to take back control from anxiety, and why it feels uncomfortable to not be in control.


P = Physical


We are all too aware of the physical sensations of anxiety, however by this stage in the course you will have combatted most of them through all the other techniques you will have learned. Now that you have quietened your mind and taken back control the focus of this module is to reprogram any remaining sleep issues. 


W.O.W. Review

In this final module we put everything you have learned together. You will create a blueprint to take forward into your future so that you know how to address any potentially anxiety provoking situation. And know how to create oportunities for more fun and connection in your life with your children, friends and family. Thus refreshing all your relationships.


Choose the payment option that's best for you:

One Time Payment

Save £100

  • Quieten Your Mind

  • Take Back Control

  • Refresh Your Relationships

  • Say Goodbye to Shouty Mum, and Hello Fun Mum


Payment Plan

Pay over 3 months

  • Quieten Your Mind

  • Take Back Control

  • Refresh Your Relationships

  • Say Goodbye to Shouty Mum, and Hello Fun Mum


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